Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Welcome to Hack the BLITZ

 A very warm welcome to all Hackers and their fans. This is a place where i use to put all the different articles which i use to found on Google regarding hacking and cracking. I am not a hacker nor a cracker I don't do it to take my revenge or something like it. It is the way to increase your knowledge beyond its limit. A new hole world is about to begin as soon as you crosses the dead line of internet and trust me guys it is far more beautiful and adventurous then it looks from the outside.

So before i go more deeper I like to introduce my first two blogs which i had created in past year as newbie..

First I like to focus on Website Hacking technique.

Last night I found a awesome website regarding Hacking a website using SQL injection.. tutorials)
         Its form..

My favorite quote is .. "Don't Learn To Hack but Hack to Learn"

So all my dear fellow hackers (nobs as well as Professionals)  Thanks for being a part of our family.

We are here to learn and please use the knowledge in positive way and help to protect the world.



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